Why Love One But Eat the Other: A Reflection on Veganism and Animal Rights

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On World Animal Day, a crucial question emerges: Why do we, as humans, readily extend our love and affection to certain creatures while conveniently ignoring the plight of others? This paradox becomes most apparent when we consider the animals that end up on our plates, relegated to cold storage in grocery store freezers or concealed within the cosmetics we use daily. It’s time to explore this question and hear from animal lovers who passionately advocate for veganism as a means of upholding the rights of all living beings.

The Discrepancy in Our Treatment of Animals

Why don’t chickens, goats, rabbits, and mice receive the same love and compassion as the pets we share our homes with? This perplexing question highlights a significant ethical dilemma in our society. To gain insight into this issue, we turn to individuals who have embraced veganism for the sake of animals’ rights.

Vegan For The Animals: Mina

Mina Obradovic

  • From: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Vegan for: 2.5 years

Mina passionately expresses her perspective, stating, “All who are born desire to live. Whoever has a mother, wants her time. All who feel, desire freedom. And all beating hearts seek love. So, if by birth we are all equal, and only having a voice makes us different, why love one and kill another?” Mina’s words echo the fundamental principle of veganism: the belief that all sentient beings, regardless of species, deserve respect, love, and the right to live free from harm.

I Went Vegan As A Teenager And Haven’t Looked Back Since: Jayaseelan

Jayaseelan TD

  • From: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  • Vegan for: 10 years

Jayaseelan has been committed to veganism for a decade, advocating for the ethical treatment of all animals. He raises a crucial point: “All animals want to live like us. They feel love and pain like us. Why love one but eat the other? There is no difference between killing a fish/chicken and a cat/dog. There is no difference in milking cows/buffaloes and dogs. Be kind to all animals. PLEASE GO VEGAN.” His words challenge the selective compassion that many exhibit towards certain animals while perpetuating harm to others.

I Went Vegan Purely Because Of Ethics: Namrata

Namrata Edward Kshitij

  • From: New Delhi, NCR
  • Vegan for: 4 years

Namrata’s vegan journey is driven by ethics, firmly grounded in the belief that every living being, regardless of species, deserves a life free from suffering. She emphasizes, “Everyone, be they a human, dog, goat, hen, or fish, deserves to live a free and happy life. Hens and goats are terrified of death as dogs and cats are. Choose compassion, go vegan!” Her words underscore the idea that the distinction between pets and animals we consume is arbitrary and unjust.

Choosing Compassion on World Animal Day

As we commemorate World Animal Day, we are presented with an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with animals. The question remains: Why love one but eat the other? The compassionate voices of Mina, Jayaseelan, and Namrata remind us that all beings, irrespective of their species, yearn for life, love, and freedom from suffering.

On this special day, we are encouraged to choose compassion not only on our plates but also in our lives. Going vegan is a powerful way to align our actions with our values and advocate for the rights of all living beings.

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