Is Pocky Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Pocky?

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Is Pocky Vegan? No.

Long story short, vegans cannot have Pocky. Let’s face it, who does not love eating Pocky? This snack food with a coating of absolutely delightful chocolate is something that everybody likes munching on, regardless of age.

What’s Inside Pocky?

If we look at the history of Pocky, it will take us back to Japan. While it has been remade differently in many countries, the journey of Pocky begins in Japan. Pocky has essentially been a part of Japan since almost 1966 and was started by Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.

When it comes to ingredients, Pocky is made from a whole lot of them. After looking at them, you will get your answer to why Pocky is not vegan.

When breaking down the ingredients, you will find that Pocky is made up of wheat flour, chocolate liquor, sugar, a blend of vegetable oils, vegetable oil shortening, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, salt, yeast, diglycerides of fatty acids, and artificial flavors.

Simply put, yes, it does contain certain dairy products and chocolate-based items which aren’t vegan. Therefore, the bad news is that Pocky is not vegan.

Alternatives to Pocky

Here is the best part. Since Pocky is so famous, vegans have started hunting for vegan alternatives to Pocky. These will make sure you stick to being vegan, all the while fulfilling your cravings for Pocky.

Pretzel Sticks: Generally speaking, all of their ingredients are vegan, and pretzel sticks are extremely easy to procure. Therefore, your replacement for Pocky has officially been discovered.

How Vegan Pocky Is Made

While you may think that getting the right taste with vegan ingredients would turn out to be difficult, it is not.

Therefore, you can pat yourself on the back for being vegan while simultaneously enjoying all these lovely and delicious snacks. Let’s get started and check out how exactly vegan Pocky is made.

What is truly astonishing is that while non-vegan Pocky takes tons of ingredients to make, this homemade recipe only requires two ingredients.

All that you need for vegan Pocky is to take 50g of vegan chocolate bar and 200g of vegan pretzel sticks. Once you have these, start tempering the chocolate.

After that is done, it is recommended to use a spatula or any other equipment to slowly coat a thin and perfect layer of chocolate onto the pretzels.

The last thing to do is roll this entire thing onto nuts, depending on your preferences. After this, you have to wait for the chocolate to become hard, and you are good to go! Who knew eating vegan Pocky was so easy?

How Healthy Is Pocky?

Vegan diet experts suggest that even too many pretzels can end up becoming rather unhealthy for you and your diet. Therefore, it is always imperative to plan out your meals in advance and be mindful of how many chocolate pretzels you are consuming.

At the end of the day, pretzels are a snack too. Therefore, they must be consumed in tiny amounts and solely be used to satisfy your cravings for non-vegan food. Other than that, indulging in huge quantities can turn out to be unhealthy and addictive.

Other Vegan Snacks

If you are looking for even better vegan snacks, we have got you covered. You could try some of these options if you never have before and start adding them to your list of daily snacks.

Vegan Black Bean Salsa: This lovely Mexican salsa is perfect for vegan lovers. It simply takes ten minutes to prepare and comes loaded with protein.

Banana-Split on a Stick: If you want to opt for the healthiest Pocky there ever was, this is the one for you. It includes pineapples, berries, bananas, etc., all perfectly lined up on a skewer and rolled in nuts. Not to mention, they are incredibly delicious and healthy, loaded with essential nutrients.

Summing Up

Many nutritionists and dieticians are increasingly recommending going vegan because of the plentiful advantages. These advantages are not just to you and your health but also to safeguard the environment and animals.

Now that you are also aware of its advantages and disadvantages, it is time to go ahead and make your choice. While the original Pocky is a delightful snack, it is not vegan.

There is no denying that pretzel-based Pocky can be wonderful, but maybe you could also look at more exotic vegan snacks to satisfy your taste buds!

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