Is Old Bay Seasoning Vegan? Can Vegans Use Old Bay Seasoning?

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Old Bay seasoning, a classic spice blend known for its savory and versatile flavor, has been a kitchen staple for many Americans. But the question that often arises in the minds of vegans is, “Is Old Bay seasoning vegan?” In this article, we will explore the ingredients and considerations surrounding Old Bay seasoning to determine whether it aligns with a vegan diet.

The Origins of Old Bay Seasoning

Old Bay seasoning has a rich history dating back to its creation in the 1940s. The seasoning has evolved to become a beloved ingredient in numerous dishes, both meat-based and vegetable-centric. This iconic spice blend, initially crafted by Gustav Brunn, has maintained its consistency and popularity throughout the years. In 1990, McCormick & Co acquired the rights to Old Bay seasoning, ensuring its availability and quality for consumers.

Is Old Bay Seasoning Vegan?

Old Bay seasoning, at its core, consists of a blend of herbs and spices that do not include any explicitly listed animal-derived products. Its primary ingredients typically include salt, celery seed, a combination of spices like red pepper and black pepper, and paprika. These ingredients are familiar and commonly found in most households, making Old Bay seasoning a convenient addition to various dishes.

However, it’s worth noting that some variations of Old Bay seasoning may incorporate animal-derived ingredients, primarily from crustaceans, to enhance flavor. To ensure that the Old Bay seasoning you are using is vegan, it is advisable to carefully inspect the seasoning label when making a purchase. Vigilance in checking ingredient lists can prevent unwelcome surprises when preparing vegan meals.

For those who remain cautious about using store-bought Old Bay seasoning in their vegan recipes, there is the option to create a homemade version. Most of the base ingredients required for this spice blend are readily available, allowing you to craft your seasoning mix while maintaining control over its vegan status.

Potential Allergies

Individuals with nut allergies should exercise caution when considering Old Bay seasoning. Although nuts are not directly listed as ingredients, coconuts are processed in the same facility where Old Bay seasoning is produced. Consequently, trace amounts of nuts may inadvertently find their way into the seasoning mix. Nut allergies are known to be highly sensitive, and even minimal exposure to nuts can trigger adverse reactions. For those with allergies, it is advisable to err on the side of caution. Fortunately, Old Bay seasoning typically excludes garlic and onion, making it suitable for individuals with allium allergies.

In the event of any signs of an allergic reaction, it is essential to discontinue the use of the product and seek medical attention promptly.

Controversy Surrounding Listed Ingredients

The controversy regarding listed ingredients is a common occurrence in the food industry and is worth mentioning in the context of Old Bay seasoning. Interestingly, the official ingredient list of Old Bay seasoning may not include certain elements, such as cinnamon, ginger, and coriander. However, McCormick & Co’s website acknowledges these ingredients, citing customer inquiries.

This discrepancy is related to regulations governing the disclosure of incidental ingredients, which are ingredients within other ingredients and may not require explicit listing. This situation raises concerns, especially for individuals with allergies, as trace amounts of undisclosed ingredients could potentially trigger adverse reactions.

Furthermore, the use of flavor enhancers like MSG in some seasoning blends can also be a point of contention. The complex nature of ingredient listings, especially when small quantities are involved, adds to the challenge of addressing these concerns.

Nutritional Considerations

Old Bay seasoning comprises a diverse range of ingredients, some of which may offer potential health benefits. One nutritional aspect of note is its salt content, which could be a concern for individuals with high blood pressure. To address this, it is advisable to use Old Bay seasoning judiciously in dishes, adjusting the quantity to suit individual dietary requirements.

McCormick & Co and Vegan Seasonings

While McCormick & Co may not specialize in exclusively vegan seasonings, the company offers a wide array of herbs, spices, and seasonings suitable for vegan dishes. As the popularity of veganism continues to rise, many companies are expanding their product lines to cater to vegan customers. A significant number of spices and herbs in their catalog do not contain animal-derived ingredients and typically include anti-caking agents to prevent clumping.

For those interested in exploring vegan seasonings, creating custom spice blends at home is a straightforward option. With a vast selection of spices and herbs available, individuals can curate their unique flavor profiles to enhance their vegan culinary creations.

Product Development and Recent Changes

Over the years, Old Bay seasoning has undergone minimal changes, primarily related to its packaging. A transition from traditional metal containers to plastic packaging was introduced. However, this change faced backlash from consumers who reported issues with the plastic container’s lid, which often popped open or became detached.

Any potential alterations to the seasoning’s recipe have been met with resistance due to the seasoning’s enduring popularity. Changes to the formulation could risk disrupting the familiar and beloved flavor associated with Old Bay seasoning.


Old Bay seasoning enjoys widespread availability in the United States, where it is a cherished ingredient in many iconic American dishes. However, availability may vary for individuals residing outside the United States. Online ordering offers a solution for those seeking to purchase Old Bay seasoning from abroad, although prices may be higher, and shipping times could be longer. When making online purchases, it is crucial to verify that the product is produced in the USA and that the ingredients align with American standards.

In Conclusion

Old Bay seasoning, a culinary classic since the 1940s, has been elevating the flavors of dishes across the nation. While the ingredients in Old Bay seasoning are largely vegan-friendly, there remains a slight possibility of undisclosed ingredients or allergens. For those who are cautious, experimenting with homemade spice blends using readily available spices and herbs is a rewarding alternative.

Whether procured from store shelves or crafted in your kitchen, Old Bay seasoning can be a valuable addition to your spice cabinet. Its versatility is matched by few other spice blends, making it an ideal choice to enhance the savory goodness of your vegan dishes. So, the next time you’re looking to infuse your culinary creations with an extra layer of flavor, consider reaching for some Old Bay seasoning and savor the vegan-friendly bliss it brings to your meals.

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