Is Kevin Hart Vegan? A Look at the Comedian’s Diet and His Plant-Based Fast-Food Venture

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In June 2022, actor and comedian Kevin Hart made headlines with the announcement of his venture into the world of vegan fast food by launching “Hart House,” a chain of plant-based restaurants. As news of his plant-based fast-food endeavor spread, many began to wonder if Kevin Hart himself is vegan. In this article, we explore Hart’s dietary choices and lifestyle to answer the question: Is Kevin Hart vegan?

Kevin Hart’s Plant-Based Fast-Food Venture

Before delving into Kevin Hart’s dietary preferences, it’s worth noting his foray into the world of veganism through his fast-food chain, Hart House. The first Hart House restaurant opened near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in August 2022, offering a menu of plant-based burgers, fries, shakes, and more. Since then, two more locations have opened their doors, marking Hart’s unexpected but notable entry into the vegan culinary scene.

Is Kevin Hart Vegan?

While Kevin Hart is known for his stand-up comedy and his roles in movies like “Jumanji” and “Ride Along,” he has never explicitly referred to himself as a vegan. Instead, it appears that Hart follows a primarily plant-based or “flexitarian” diet. The term “flexitarian” is often used to describe individuals who predominantly avoid meat but may occasionally consume animal-based products.

Hart has mentioned in interviews that he abstains from red meat (including beef, pork, and lamb) and shellfish. During an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast in 2020, he described his diet as “plant-based” but also acknowledged occasional consumption of chicken. Hart’s approach to plant-based eating appears to be flexible, and he believes that individuals can adopt plant-based diets without becoming fully immersed in the vegan lifestyle.

Hart’s dietary journey has involved discovering alternative sources of protein in plant-based foods, which he credits with making him feel more vibrant and energetic.

In summary, Kevin Hart is not a vegan in the strict sense of the term. Veganism extends beyond dietary choices to encompass a commitment to avoiding animal suffering and animal-derived products like leather and wool. While Hart has publicly shared that he does not follow a fully animal-free diet, it is believed that he predominantly consumes plant-based foods.

Kevin Hart’s Partnership with Beyond Meat

Prior to launching Hart House, Kevin Hart collaborated with Beyond Meat for a television advertisement promoting the company’s plant-based burgers. The commercial, produced by Hart’s own HartBeat Productions, encouraged viewers to choose Beyond Meat products over traditional beef burgers for the betterment of the environment. Hart emphasized that adopting a plant-based diet is a step toward combating climate change.

The Motivation Behind Hart House

Kevin Hart’s decision to launch a vegan fast-food restaurant was influenced by the surging popularity of plant-based eating. Los Angeles, where Hart House is located, has a thriving market for plant-based and vegan cuisine. The city boasts numerous vegan restaurants and has been recognized as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the United States.

Hart’s vision for Hart House is to create a positive dining experience that combines the joy of communal dining with a commitment to a purpose-driven menu. He aims to provide a new option within the fast-food industry, responding to the growing demand for plant-based alternatives.

The Future of Hart House

Since the inception of Hart House, Kevin Hart has expressed ambitious plans for its expansion. While the first few locations are based in the Los Angeles area, the chain is rapidly growing. In May 2023, Hart announced the opening of the first drive-thru Hart House restaurant in Hollywood, replacing a former McDonald’s location. His goal is to make Hart House a nationwide presence, spreading the message of plant-based eating and making people feel good through their dining experiences.

In conclusion, Kevin Hart may not identify as a vegan, but he has embraced a primarily plant-based diet. His fast-food venture, Hart House, is a testament to the increasing popularity of plant-based eating and aims to provide accessible, delicious, and purpose-driven plant-based options to a broader audience.

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