Is Justin Fields Vegan or Pescatarian?

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Justin Fields, the star quarterback of the Chicago Bears, has been making waves not only for his impressive performances on the football field but also for his dietary choices. Many athletes are turning to plant-based diets for enhanced performance and overall well-being, and Fields is among them. However, recent developments have led to questions about whether he is still strictly vegan. Let’s delve into the details.

Justin Fields’ Vegan Journey

Justin Fields made the switch to a plant-based diet in May 2020 during the quarantine period with his family. Initially, it started as a one-month challenge, but Fields continued with the diet even after the challenge concluded. He discovered that the plant-based diet made him feel better and decided to stick with it, while his family returned to their regular eating habits.

Fields, who was drafted as the Bears’ number-one choice out of Ohio State, experienced an outstanding first season in the NFL. He attributes part of his success to his plant-based diet, claiming that it makes him feel “lighter and faster” on the field.

In an email interview, Fields shared insights into his dietary choices, including why he initially adopted a vegan lifestyle and how it has affected his athletic performance.

Justin Fields’ Plant-Based Diet

Why and when did you go vegan? Fields explains that he started his vegan journey during quarantine as a challenge with his family, just before his last season at Ohio State. He continued because he enjoyed how it made his body feel.

How has going plant-based affected your athletic performance? Fields emphasizes that going plant-based has dramatically changed the way he feels and performs. He feels lighter and faster, which is essential for football, a sport known for its physical demands.

What do you eat in a day? Fields’ daily food routine consists of starting his day with coffee, water, and fruit. He keeps breakfast relatively light due to early training sessions. Lunch typically includes vegan chicken nuggets or a vegan burger with a focus on carbs like potatoes or rice. Dinner mirrors his lunch, with an added effort to include more greens. He finishes his day with a chocolate Pro Elite OWYN shake to boost his protein intake.

What do you eat before and after a game? Before a game, Fields avoids heavy meals to prevent stomach discomfort. However, after a game, he opts for an OWYN shake for recovery, enjoying them almost like a dessert.

What’s your favorite plant-based recipe? Fields’ favorite plant-based recipe is falafel burgers, which he enjoys a few times a week. He finds them similar in taste to traditional burgers but with added benefits. As a side, he often pairs them with sweet potato fries.

Recent Changes: Pescatarian Diet

In a surprising development ahead of the 2023 NFL season, Justin Fields announced a change in his dietary choices. While he had been a steadfast vegan for over a year, Fields revealed that he is now following a pescatarian diet. This means he has incorporated fish into his diet while still abstaining from meat. The decision to include fish offers him more options, especially when dining at restaurants.

Fields’ dietary shift has generated a mix of reactions, with some expressing support for his evolving diet and others sharing humorous comments about his newfound protein source.

In the ever-evolving world of athlete diets, Justin Fields’ transition to a pescatarian diet adds another layer of intrigue to his performance on the field.

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