Is Jennifer Coolidge Vegan?

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Jennifer Coolidge has recently been honored as the “Vegan Queen” by the animal rights organization PETA during Women’s History Month 2023, recognizing her unwavering dedication to animal liberation.

PETA’s Recognition

The talented actress, known for her role in “The White Lotus,” received this prestigious title for her efforts to inspire people to avoid using products tested on animals, whether in their food, clothing, or cosmetics. PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange praised Jennifer Coolidge for her passion for animal welfare and her ability to influence others positively.

In a statement, Lange said, “Jennifer Coolidge’s huge heart for animals is rivalled only by the size of her talent. PETA is crowning her our ‘Vegan Queen’ this year for using every opportunity she gets to encourage everyone to keep cruelty to animals out of their cuisine, closets, and cosmetics.”

Coolidge expressed her gratitude to PETA through an Instagram post, acknowledging PETA as the first animal advocacy group she discovered. She admired PETA’s fearless efforts to expose the harsh realities of animal cruelty and emphasized the power of animal lovers when they unite and take action.

Jennifer Coolidge’s Love for Animals

Jennifer Coolidge has been an active advocate for various animal rights causes over the years. Her commitment to animal welfare is evident through her actions and public statements. In 2003, she graced the cover of PETA’s cruelty-free shopping guide, demonstrating her support for cruelty-free products.

During the same year, Coolidge took a principled stand when she declined to participate in a hot dog commercial unless the company introduced a vegan product. She stated that she would only consider doing the commercial if they introduced a vegan hot dog, as she was a fan of plant-based hot dogs.

Dietary Choices

Although Jennifer Coolidge has not publicly confirmed whether she follows a strict vegan lifestyle, she has been described as a “devout vegan and animal-rights advocate.” Her active involvement in the plant-based scene includes endorsing vegan food, fashion, and beauty products.

In 2023, she appeared in a Super Bowl ad for the vegan company e.l.f. beauty, where she expressed her passion for vegan and cruelty-free beauty. Her dedication to promoting veganism and ethical choices extends beyond her personal life and into her professional endorsements.


Jennifer Coolidge’s recognition as PETA’s Vegan Queen highlights her enduring commitment to animal welfare and veganism. Her advocacy for cruelty-free products and ethical choices in food and cosmetics aligns with her passion for animals. Coolidge’s impact as an influential figure in both the entertainment industry and the world of animal rights demonstrates the positive influence celebrities can have on important causes.

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