ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger: Are Their Shoes Vegan?

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When it comes to athletic footwear, ASICS and its subsidiary brand, Onitsuka Tiger, have long held a prominent place in the world of sports and running. However, for vegans and those concerned about animal welfare, the burning question is whether these well-known brands offer vegan-friendly shoe options. In this article, we’ll explore the vegan status of ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger shoes, shedding light on what’s available for those who prefer animal-free footwear.

The ASICS Universe

ASICS, a renowned Japanese sports footwear and apparel company, is often a top choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The ASICS brand includes several labels: ASICS, ASICS Tiger, and Onitsuka Tiger. Each label presents its own distinct style and identity while sharing the underlying ASICS characteristics.

Are ASICS Shoes Vegan?

In general, ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger shoes are not considered vegan. These brands frequently incorporate animal leather and suede into their shoe designs, and there is uncertainty regarding the vegan status of the glues used in their production processes. Unfortunately, ASICS Corporation has not provided clear and definitive answers regarding the vegan-friendliness of their products.

Which ASICS Shoes Are Vegan?

Determining which ASICS shoes are vegan can be challenging due to the lack of transparent information from the company. While ASICS does offer some synthetic shoes, there is no concrete verification regarding the vegan status of their shoe glues. The presence of animal-based ingredients in shoe glues remains a concern.

Unlike some other athletic shoe brands like Nike, which have openly confirmed the use of 100% synthetic glues, ASICS has not made such declarations. Correspondence with the company regarding the composition of their shoe glues often leads to varying and confusing responses.

ASICS does emphasize the use of water-based adhesives, but this does not necessarily guarantee the absence of animal-derived ingredients. Water-based glues can be formulated with a variety of components, including vegetable proteins, synthetics, or animal products such as blood, fish, milk, or bones.

Onitsuka Tiger: The Vegan Challenge

Determining the vegan status of Onitsuka Tiger shoes is an even more intricate task. At one point, Onitsuka Tiger featured a vegan-friendly collection on their online store. However, this collection was unexpectedly removed, and certain styles that were previously listed as vegan now reportedly include leather or suede overlays.

Given these complications, it has become challenging for vegan consumers to confidently identify and purchase vegan-friendly shoes from Onitsuka Tiger.

A Complex Landscape

While some websites may promote ASICS vegan shoes, it’s important to note that these typically refer to shoes made from synthetic materials. However, it’s crucial to understand that veganism extends beyond avoiding leather and suede; it also encompasses refraining from using animals in the entire shoemaking process.

FAQs About ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger Vegan Shoes

Is ASICS cruelty-free? No, ASICS is not considered cruelty-free since they use animal leather, and there are uncertainties about their adhesive’s vegan status.

Does ASICS use vegan shoe glue? ASICS has not confirmed the use of vegan shoe glue. According to ASICS customer support, their glue may still contain animal-based ingredients.

Is the ASICS GEL-KAYANO 27 vegan? No, as there is doubt regarding ASICS’ use of non-vegan shoe glue, none of the shoes in the GEL-KAYANO range can be confidently considered vegan.

Is Onitsuka Tiger the same as ASICS? Onitsuka Tiger is a label owned by the ASICS Corporation. Many vintage ASICS styles are sold under the Onitsuka Tiger name.

Is Onitsuka Tiger vegan? Onitsuka Tiger is not currently considered vegan, as their vegan collection has been removed from their offerings.

Does ASICS use vegan shoe glue? ASICS has never confirmed the use of vegan shoe glue. Until they provide such confirmation, it is challenging to trust the vegan status of their shoes.

In Conclusion

It is regrettable that ASICS has not fully embraced the vegan market and has not provided clear information about the production methods of their products. Vegan running shoes from ASICS would be a welcome addition for those who prioritize cruelty-free options.

Vegan consumers eagerly await ASICS’ potential transition to vegan adhesives, following in the footsteps of other major sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas. When that day arrives, and it likely will, we will eagerly update our list with ASICS’ best cruelty-free sneakers.

For those in search of vegan-friendly footwear options, it may be advisable to explore other brands that offer clear information and a commitment to animal-free products.

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